Hi, I'm James, a highly qualified and accredited trauma-aware wellbeing coach and positive psychologist. I work with clients toward positive outcomes of their choosing, using positive psychology to fuel personal growth and achievements.

Often after years of beneficial therapy, and getting through the initial stages of trauma-recovery, many people begin to feel ready to try a positive, future-focused coaching approach that honours, with understanding, the presence of trauma, without it becoming the primary focus.

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​Many dealing with the aftermath of trauma, after making significant progress, reach a point of self-awareness and self-acceptance that the symptoms could well be around for life. Rather than a reason to lament it's instead an empowering realisation.

Learning that symptoms can be managed, soothed, lessened, and taken with rather than denied and avoided, brings the possibility to look forward in a healthy all-encompassing way.

Emboldened by knowing what you're up against, and with coping strategies and support in place it's possible to start focusing on the future you want.

I work with you to make positive changes in your life. This might be in your career, your relationships, your finances, your mindset... it might involve engaging more in life and activities, or exploring what most matters to you.



Trauma-aware Wellbeing Coach and Positive Psychologist


Alongside my coaching practice, I've been creating and running on-line businesses for over a decade which continue to grow. One,, supports over 100,000 visitors a year in working out what they truly want and maintaining motivation while moving toward it.

This experience also supports you during one to one coaching work as a significant part of our relationship is gradually facilitating awareness of the future you want and the confidence you can create it. Taken alongside my deep awareness of trauma's impact, this provides you with a uniquely compassionate and positive coaching experience. 

I've been involved with the Morris Centre for healing from child abuse for many years. I currently co-facilitate ASCA (Adult Survivors of Child Abuse) peer support groups. I bring this deep familiarity with the world of trauma and all that comes with it along with it. This means you'll feel understood but also hopeful and empowered.  

I also support you with my deep interest in the science of wellbeing, a combination of things including achievement, mastery, personal growth, freedom, meaning, positive emotions, positive relationships, and engagement. 

This interest led me to pursue a Masters degree in applied positive psychology and coaching psychology. I've written extensively and use my knowledge and experience in these areas to support you to create the future you want.




I believe in helping you build your strengths and look to capitalise on your abilities and expertise. With my curiosity and asking the right questions, I trust you to find what you're looking for within.

With my innate ability to motivate people, I connect and engage with authenticity. You're stretched toward greater self-awareness, finding new and different perspectives, and with a better understand of what's really happening with you, you're able to move forward, one step at a time.

Coaching is a process of self-discovery, and I provide a safe and non-judgmental space for you to experience this. You identify, investigate, and overcome barriers that prevent you from making the necessary changes to reach your potential. My coaching helps you understand what is really important to you and supports you in creating a fulfilling life for yourself.

My coaching has many of the important qualities of counselling like safety, non-judgement, kindness, high quality listening, and understanding... and this is combined with elements of the more action orientated coaching psychology. My clients have often done significant work on the "why", and now, supported by that self-knowledge and experience, they're ready to focus on what's next. 

If you've seen many therapists and are beginning to wonder, how it might feel to try a different approach... One where the focus isn't exploring the difficulty and it's causes in detail, but rather in honouring that difficulty while looking at where you're going to, and how you might get there, then perhaps my trauma-informed wellbeing coaching might be a good fit for you. 

This can be in addition to working with your therapist or something you move on to post-therapy. The topic and goals of coaching come from you. Coaching is focused on achieving the results that you want, not what others may want for you! 




James’ caring, attentive, focused, and listening way of being in the moment has enabled me to have fun, laugh, relax, and experience novel sides within me at the same time as discovering sensitive and vulnerable parts of myself. As a human and as a coach James has provided me space to uncover new potentials within me and break through unhelpful patterns




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